June 8, 2013

A conversation with a Preacher about the Sabbath

I drove past a church today, and the message on the marquee caught my attention because it mentioned the Sabbath. So, I decided to pull into the driveway to read the message on their sign. This is what it said,
“No Christian can keep the faith and not keep the Sabbath.” – M. Lunn

This message intrigued me, because directly under the marquee was their listing of Sunday morning service times. As I was about to drive away, a man walked out of the church building and approached my car, so I rolled down the window to ask him about his sign. I was curious why a Sunday keeping church seemed to be advocating the Sabbath, so I asked him about it.

I said, “I am curious about your sign that seems to encourage keeping the Sabbath, yet you are a Sunday keeping church. Can you explain this to me?”

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